The Story
by Bizfurd

How everyone met: A new planet was created one day in the Comic Fury universe. (BTW, each comic is basically it's own planet.) The planet is uninhabited. Then, aliens shrink the CF universe until all the planets (comics) are right next to one another, and in the gravity of the new planet. The original planets are destroyed, and all the characters and authors fall onto the new planet. (Stupid backstory I know, but it's supposed to be silly-ish. I'm bad at stories.)


What is the problem: The aliens gathered everyone here so they could blow up this planet and end Comic Fury forever. Everyone must work together, no matter how annoyingly difficult, to stop it.

What is this?
by Bizfurd

I just decided to make a website for the SCFCP updates, like the script and such. The comic will also be on here. If you have joined the SCFCP, subscribe immediately for updates!